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After completing my studies in Physics Engineering at Ecole Polytechnique of Montreal, I chose to reorient my career toward IT systems engineering. Computing has been a passion for me since the age of 13. My interest for this field grew when I discovered the Linux operating system 10 years ago. Rather than being forced to spend money for testing new network configurations and server software, I was free to do it with Linux, a minimal hardware setup and a lot of hours reading available documentation. I definitely appreciate the community spirit of the OpenSource movement. Sharing experience and knowledge has lead to great innovations for the whole IT industry.

Work experience

Télé-Québec (June 2015 – …)
Director – Maintenance, Technology and Operations

  • Management of a team of IT, broadcast and studio production professionals
  • Definition of the orientations of the IT, technical maintenance and studio production departments
  • Development of a global strategy for the evolution of networks and technology integration


CBC/Radio-Canada (Dec 2010 – May 2015)
Project Engineer

  • Implantation of systems for production and broadcasting of Radio and Television content toward Internet
  • Evaluation and implantation of software solutions related to the production and broadcast of radio, television, web and other content
  • Work coordination of engineers, associates, other employees and subcontractors engaged in complex projects


iWeb Technologies (jan 2009 – dec 2010)
Sales Engineer

  • Technical lead during the planing and the delivery of our larger customer projects
  • Definition of the logical (WAN, DMZ, LAN, firewall, VPN) and physical architecture for the web solutions offered to our clients in order to meet their business requirements (high availability, performance, cost)
  • Team coordination during the delivery of complex web solutions
  • Documentation of our customer solutions using a collaborative tool (secured extranet wiki)
  • Planing, cost evaluation and testing of the possible new technologies for our customers (NAS/DAS/SAN storage solutions, SSD drives, MSSQL cluster, DRBD cluster, Content Delivery Network, etc.)


Outbox Technology (jan 2005 – nov 2008)
IT director

  • Design and installation of the system architecture for Cirque du Soleil et Bell Center ticketing system (firewall, NAT, DHCP, Bind, Squid, Dovecot, Postfix + Amavis+ ClamAV + SpamAssassin, etc)
  • Installation of a monitoring system (OpenNMS) for the IT infrastructure
  • Integration and configuration of the various elements of the ticketing system (Apache and IIS front-end, Onyx CRM system, MySQL and MSSQL databases, credit card processor, CUPS printing system, reporting system, etc.)
  • Segmentation of the different environments (development, QA, production) and implementation of a version control system
  • Documentation of the IT processes using a collaborative tool (intranet wiki)
  • Evolution of the IT architecture with the growth of the business (local disks -> SAN; physical servers -> virtual servers; etc.)
  • Coordination and supervision of our team of IT technicians


OpenSource community involvment

CentOS LiveCD project

  • First live distribution based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5
  • Backport of the livecd-tools package from Fedora to CentOS 5
  • Providing support, bug fixes and new features for the LiveCD toolset


Spacewalk documentation for CentOS

  • Spacewalk provides a management interface for software content across registered servers and desktops



  • Evaluation of datacenter infrastructures (generators, transfer switch, UPS, PDU, electrical circuits, cooling system, etc.)
  • Conception of highly available and scalable web solutions (DRBD, heartbeat, HAProxy, LVS, Varnish, CDN, Microsoft cluster and MySQL replication)
  • Documentation of processes and system architectures using collaborative tools
  • Virtualization of Windows and Linux servers with VMware, Xen and HyperV technologies
  • Configuration and use of Compellent and Dell EqualLogic SAN products
  • Administration of computer networks (network architecture, VPN, DHCP, DNS, IMAP/POP3, SMTP, etc.)
  • Administration of Windows and Linux servers
  • Management of software versions



You can contact me via email at info@patriceguay.com

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