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The challenges of the broadcast industry

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broadcast themeThe industry of television broadcasting is changing. After the explosion of channels following the arrival of cable TV, content distribution toward the Internet and the various mobile platforms poses new challenges to the industry. Indeed, there is no standardization for the distribution format on these new platforms. Also, while advertising revenues are growing on the alternative channels, they are not at the same level as traditional media.

At the same time, new workflows based on standard IT practices are emerging. Technologies and know-how specific to information technology are increasingly used in the broadcast industry: server virtualization, data storage, IP networking, etc.

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Content Delivery Network

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Content delivery network representationA “Content Delivery Network” (CDN) is a group of caching server nodes linked together through the Internet. The nodes are distributing web site content and are accelerating the delivery to the end user. Server nodes are geographically distributed and generally connected to the fastest Internet links available in their location. When someone visits a CDN powered website, the CDN will establish the visitor location and direct him to the optimal server node.
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